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Travel Club

Founded in 1996 by a group of passionate individuals within the travel industry in Madurai, Travel Club aimed to showcase Madurai as a premier destination. Initially, the Club served as a platform for members to engage in friendly competition and socialize. As relationships deepened, families joined in, fostering a strong sense of community. Recognizing the power of unity, the members understood that promoting Madurai collectively would also benefit their individual businesses. Since the early 2000s, Travel Club has dedicated its efforts to highlighting the diverse cultures, rich heritage, and hidden gems in and around Madurai. Collaborating closely with Tamil Nadu's and India's Tourism Department, the Club actively promotes the region. Over the past two decades, Travel Club has organized a plethora of events including World Tourism Day celebrations, Pongal and Float Festivals, the Chitra Festival, Madurai Travel Mart, seminars on tourism, student quiz competitions, heritage walks, roadshows beyond Tamil Nadu, familiarization tours within Tamil Nadu, and advocacy efforts with the government on various policy matters.

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Raja Graham

Managing Director

Graham Tours & Travels


Vice President

Sundar Singaram

CEO, SMTT Holidays

Director Operations, South India Hotels and Restaurants Association

CEO, Annsun Hotels

Hon Secretary


Managing Director

Thapovan Farm Stays


Hon Treasurer



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